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The Piasentina stone "born" in Friuli. The quarry area is a narrow strip of the Giulian Alps located near Cividale.

In this area, Julia Marmi owns three quarries, with an available excavation area of 1,500,000 m3, all as permitted within the guidelines of the FVG region.

The stone blocks are quarried as large boulders, whose extraction is achieved by excavation. The cutting of the blocks is performed with diamond wire (a steel cable interspersed with diamond beads) or with the cutting chains (a chain with diamond crusted teeth).

The restoration of the quarry is a continuous activity which coincides with the excavation process. In the locality of Clastra, between the municipalities of San Pietro al Natisone and St. Leonard, the area has been restored with grasses and planted chestnut, apple, pear, plum trees.  This plantation structure is typical of the ancient cultivation in the valleys of the Natisone. In the fenced area (60 hectares) a flock sheep are allowed to graze free.

Each year the Julia Marbles hosts a regional civil protection event and all from the surrounding communities are invited for, a day in the forests of the quarry, where you can pick mushrooms and chestnuts, benefiting from the prepared comfort foods and wines prepared by volunteers.

The exploration and revitalization of these places can be even more original: While hosting some events of Mittelfest (festival of drama, music, dance, poetry, visual arts and puppets of central Europe), the quarry became Tarpezzo an open air theater.


Julia Marmi presents RITORNO-RETURN, the new project of wall and floor coverings in Piasentina Stone, developed in collaboration with the studio of Tideo design, specialized in the production of decorative surfaces.
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"The Piasentina stone derives from finger like boulders interspersed with clay soil. Its cultivation is achieved by extraction through the use of excavators and in better quarry locations with diamond crusted sawing chains. "


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