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Present and past is found in Julia Marmi


JULIA MARMI is the Piasentina Stone: the fragrances and harshness of the stone has for decades been passed on from the hands of skilled stone-cutters to modern trials, mixing ancient knowledge and modern curiosities to offer unique pieces, carefully finished off, skillfully made from shapeless cube blocks to guarantee the highest quality.



Our story


Mario Laurino matures his passion for stone since he was young: on 1 July 1940 he is already working in quarry alongside his grandfather where he remained for seven years. In 1965 he resumed this activity in an entrepreneurial form and founded, with the passionate support of his wife, Julia Marmi. During this period he went to Tarpezzo and Tarcetta, while in 1972 the quarry of S. Ermacora in Torreano was opened. The opening of the Clastra quarry dates back to 1980 and is progressively expanding. At the beginning of its activity, Julia Marmi had few machines, but could count on the experience of many specialized stonecutters, who returned to Italy after years of work abroad. Today the machine park has been completely renovated and production has opened up to new collaborations in the field of design but without ever forgetting the value of handmade work.


La Julia Marmi adheres to the Pietra Piasentina Producers Consortium


Established in 1965 by a group of farsighted artisans, the Consortium works to protect and develop this product and to provide services to companies and designers.
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