An eco-friendly material

Natural stone

The most sustainable building material on Earth


Natural stone stands out among building materials for its eco-sustainability.

It is created spontaneously in nature without the need for complicated production processes, thus reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions.

The extraction of Pietra Piasentina in particular is relatively environmentally friendly as it is not excessively invasive.

Nothing of the extracted stone is thrown away: there is no waste since no chemicals are used during processing, so all waste is reused either as reefs for river beds or to restore quarries.

Last but certainly not least, quarries that are no longer in use are restored, often creating optimal ecosystems for flora and fauna.

Natural stone is completely free of chemicals that are harmful to humans.

It is therefore also suitable for interiors, recommended for allergy sufferers and can be used in the food industry.

Natural stone is an extremely energy-efficient building material, also as a floor covering: the thermal conductivity of natural stone tiles is approximately twice as high as that of other tiles, making it particularly suitable for underfloor heating.

All these reasons, in addition to the exceptional technical and aesthetic characteristics, make Pietra Piasentina by Julia Marmi a perfect material for eco-friendly constructions.