Piasentina Stone

Fruit of a whim of the nature of the Eocene period, the Piasentina Stone is compact and strong, with recognized characteristics of non-freezing, robustness, good workability and particular chromaticity, a warm gray with possible shades of brownish red and white veins, which varies appearance at vary surface processing, from the saw to the polished, to the flamed and brushed to more traditional or innovative finishes and allowing for numerous combinations on the same material.

This feature, combined with its performance characteristics, can meet the many design solutions and applications of creative Designers and Architects.


Piasentina Stone is the construction and facing stone par excellence in the architecture of Friuli, where archaeological findings bear witness to the use of this stone as early as Roman times. In the 16th century the stone was also used for the monumental works by Palladio. Today Pietra Piasentina is a construction material appreciated and used around the world.