Elegant decoration in brushed Piasentina Stone, in which refined embroideries give lightness.

Design by Davide Vercelli.
Photos by Luca Rotondo.




Polished Piasentina Stone washbasin, winner of the Design Contest of Julia Marmi launched in 2018 to celebrate 50 years of activity.
Design by Luca Maci
Photo Luca Rotondo



The strenght of nature: the Mont desk, made of flamed Piasentina Stone with a quarry block cut in front, is a unique piece made to measure, perfect for large halls and elegant recptions.

Design Davide Vercelli 
Photos Luca Rotondo



Genoma is a project signed by Studio Spagnulo and Partners, inspired by a precious and fundamental heritage, that set of information that constitutes the human genome which here takes the form of a wall decoration.
The Genoma installation - which debuted at the Fuorisalone in Milan 2019 at the exhibition on structural decoration HoperAperta - is made of honed and perforated Piasentina Stone

Photo: Martina Barberis for coll. Hoperaperta - Saverio Lombardi Vallardi


la pirogue

La Pirogue

La Pirogue is a sculpture table equipped with anthropomorphic light, designed by Davide Valoppi of the Noarc architecture studio in Rome that works in interior design and architecture. The design represents a rower carrying the pirogue along an imaginary river. The figure is in metal, "the pirogue", in the upper part is in Piasentina stone and in the lower part in burnished metal.

Design Davide Valoppi
Photos Alberto Vidissoni, Luca Caglio




Strength, power, elegance summed up in just a few lines: the Aga Console made of flamed Piasentina Stone with split edges is a unique piece made to measure, conjugated to any environment and style.
Design Davide Vercelli and Angelo DallAglio
Photos Saverio Lombardi Vallardi



Milli, produced by Julia Marmi in collaboration with Slow Wood, is designed by the designers Angelo DallAglio and Davide Vercelli, to quench the thirst of man and animals; dogs and cats drink from the front groove and the birds from the tub. The fountain is made of Pietra Piasentina hand-popped and brushed in the parts in contact with water, and in raw chestnut wood. The barrel for water is provided in copper.
Parks and woods are the ideal habitat for this element of urban furniture, where the essential design and the use of materials such as wood and stone give a warm and "natural" look.





small table resulting from the very successful union between a solid chestnut wood and slabs of Pietra Piasentina flamed, two products from the same woods; designed by Davide Vercelli and Angelo DallAglio; micro piano decorated by Tideo.